Champion™ geraniums

Exceptional performance in your garden

Champion geraniums «Pelargonium peltatum X zonale»
This interspecific hybrid is a very successful new series of geraniums that combines the best characteristics of both trailing and upright pelargoniums. The result is a robust plant with extraordinary heat and drought tolerance.

Low maintenance!
These amazing geraniums with their breathtaking colours and single or double flowers stand out due to their vigorous growth and their very long blooming period from mid/end of March till November. They are perfect for large pots, balconies and beds.

Why choose Champion™ geraniums?

High quality

We work with the best plant breeders of the world to achieve the most exclusive plants.

Extremely strong

Incredibly strong and excellent performance in your garden

Heat tolerance

Robust plants with outstanding weather resistance, very low-maintenance.

How to recognize an original Champion™ geranium

Look for the Champion™ brand on the Champion™ tag:
You can be sure to buy an original Champion™ geranium.