Geraniums of extremely strong growth

CHAMPIONTM is a new series of geraniums and the result of an extraordinary success in the breeding of pelargoniums. This interspecific hybrid combines the best characteristics of both ivy and zonal pelargoniums. The outcome is a very robust plant with great heat and drought tolerance. The double flower glows in amazingly intense colours. The branches are smooth, leaves extremely robust and tillering is superb.

Successful breeding

Why should you choose Champion™ geraniums?

The brand Champion™ is synonymous with best quality. We work with the best plant breeders worldwide to achieve the most exclusive, prospering and strongest plants.

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A strongly growing plant with excellent weathering resistance, most vigorous and compact habit.

Tips and tricks

Champion™ geraniums stand out due to their incredibly strong growth. At the same time they are very low maintenance.


Champion™ geraniums: 7 varieties with intense and bright colors

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The intensity of the red, the exuberance of the pink, single flower or double flower... Let yourself be inspired by the shades of Champion™ geraniums.