Gallery Champion™

Be inspired by the glow of Champion™ geraniums

Glowing colours

Enjoy yourself mixing the various shades to enhance your balcony

Single or double flower

Florescence from middle/end of March until November

Robust and resistant geraniums

Optimal resilience to heat and drought

Original Champion™

Only the original Champion™ Geraniums have the Proven Winners® brand on pot and tag

Exceptional performance

Ideal for large pots, balconies and beds

High quality

We are working with the best breeders worldwide to offer you the most exclusive plants

Sensational success

An interspecific hybrid that unites the best characteristics of upright and trailing geraniums


Bright places, appropriate also for half shade, no special care needed

Choose your favourite colour

5 varieties with intense and shining colours

Admiration from the neighbours

Exuberantly flourishing balconies

Fire Red, Lilla, Neon, Flash Eye, Single Red

Luxuriant florescence