How to maintain Champion™ geraniums

Just a few tricks will do to keep these geraniums healthy, strong and abundantly blooming.

Position and care

Light: Champion™ geraniums prefer sunny positions but also adapt to half shade.
Care: No need for special care, as they are very heat and drought resistant. Removing withered flowers stimulates the growth of new buds and avoids mycosis.

Range of use

Geraniums should be planted after the last frost. You can use them as single plants or combined with other plants in pots, garden beds and on balconies.

What about watering?

Water your Champion™ geraniums regularly. During the hot summer months they will need more water. Discharge excessive water to avoid soil wetness.

Potting soil and fertilization

Substrate: For making your geraniums grow perfectly we recommend high quality soil on a peat basis with loam components.
Fertilization: From March until September, add weekly 2 grams of customary compound fertilizer per litre of water.


From middle/end of March until autumn.
Growth and flowers: Our geraniums stand out because of their numerous umbrella-shaped inflorescences, their upright growth from compact to vigorous but, depending on the variety, also slightly trailing.